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Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that the watch I want is authentic?

All our offered watches are absolutely original vintage watches. Based on the movement and serial numbers of the watches, the assignment to a specific year of manufacture is also evident. Each watch is provided with the original movement and / or serial number and therefore only once! For some Swiss manufactures certificates can be requested, sometimes these are already included with the watch. All our watches undergo a professional revision by our vintage watchmaker master, who confirms the originality of the watches. We have been collecting and dealing with these watches for decades and due to many years of good contacts to collector friends we can fall back on an extensive watch selection.

Has the watch been overhauled and the functions checked?

Yes, all our watches have been overhauled (disassembled, cleaned, oiled), the rate characteristics have been tested on the time scale and adjusted. Therefore, we are in the fortunate position to be able to give you a 6-month functional warranty on each watch.

Can I reserve a watch?

For a binding reservation we ask for a deposit of 20% of the total amount. Then you have time and rest and the clock is taken from the Internet. We will hold the clock for you until you pay the balance (max 3 months).

I can't pay the amount for the watch all at once. Is there any possibility?

Of course. We will try to do you this favor, talk to us.

Do I get a warranty on the watch?

Yes, all our watches come with a 6-month functional warranty. The warranty does not cover damage to the watch due to moisture ingress, accuracy, loss/damage to the crystal, winding crown, winding stem, mainspring, pushers, or damage due to impact or dropping. Customer is responsible for return shipping and insurance costs unless other written arrangements have been made with us. Any customs duties incurred for shipments to or from non-European countries are the sole responsibility of the customer.

How much does shipping cost and is it insured?

We only use insured express shipping from UPS and FedEx. The shipments are fully insured, you will receive the tracking number to track the shipment. Insured shipping within Germany: free of charge. (delivery on the next working day) Insured shipping within the EU: flat rate of 60 EUR. (delivery in 1-2 working days) Insured shipping to countries outside the EU: depending on the country and value of the watch, please ask us, we will let you know the costs. The customer is responsible for the costs of returns under warranty or the right of withdrawal, as well as the costs of any associated insurance or customs duties.

How can I pay for the watch?

Payment is made by bank transfer. For this you will receive our bank information. Once the money is credited to our account, we will ship the watch with insured shipping. You will receive the tracking number to follow the shipment. This is within Germany on the following working day with you. After making an appointment with us (phone or email) you are welcome to view the watch and pay the purchase amount in cash.

I would like to look at the watch. Is that possible?

Yes, with pleasure. After making an appointment with us (by phone or email), you can arrange a viewing appointment with us. We need a lead time of 2-3 days, because our watches are stored securely at the bank.

I would like to buy the watch. Can I get a different strap?

Yes, of course, this is not a problem. We have standard ribbons in different colors in stock. Please let us know in time which band you prefer. We will then mount the desired band on the watch (with an equivalent band at no extra charge!).

I am looking for a very specific watch, can you help me?

We try our best to find the watch model you want or the watch of a certain year of manufacture. You will need a little patience. Please inform us about your wishes.

Can I wear a vintage watch in everyday life?

Of course, this is not a problem. After all, a vintage mechanical watch is designed to be worn. However, since our watches are over 50 years old and usually not water resistant, you should not wear these watches while showering or swimming and avoid extreme shocks (e.g. during certain sports).

Things to know about dials

Some "old school" watch collectors believe that only completely untreated dials on vintage watches are authentic and valuable. Such watches, which have spent their entire time in a box or in a safe and have never seen the light of day, so to speak, are extremely rare. There is only a very small part of these watches at all (possibly also with original papers and original box), there are (of course) less and less and the prices for these watches are very high on the market. But -other watch dealers will confirm this- the largest majority of watch enthusiasts and watch lovers (about 90%) want to wear the vintage watches primarily themselves and prefer good looking, attractive vintage watches with carefully restored dials. These mechanical wristwatches were produced for use and were exposed to sunlight, changing temperatures and moisture (from water, hand sweat, etc.) for many years (50 years and more!). It is comparable to a vintage car. Both watches and cars were built to be used and enjoyed, definitely not to be boxed or left in the garage! Use, of course, required a certain amount of care. Vintage watches are usually not waterproof. After a period of 50, 60, 70 years, it is almost inevitable that major or minor damage/stains will appear on a dial, mainly due to UV radiation and/or entry of moisture. Stains on the dial are not only unsightly, a process of destruction of the dial has thus been set in motion, which is irreversible and cannot be stopped. With the consequence that eventually the entire dial is destroyed and the watch becomes unusable. (Again, similar to a classic car: If you don't do anything to preserve and repair it, eventually the car will no longer be roadworthy and attractive) By the way: All of our offered watches have the original dials! Some are completely untreated, on others the original dials have been professionally refinished with a new top coat. In the description of the watches you will find the respective information about the condition of the dials. What exactly does refreshing the dial mean? In past times (manufacturing time of our watches in the years approx. 1930 to 1980) the original colors on the dial were protected with a cellulose acetate based varnish. The disadvantage of these compounds of that time is that they are not resistant to aging. The surface structure of the varnishes is porous and oxygen and moisture can penetrate over time. This causes the original dial to develop brown spots and discoloration, as seen on many vintage watches. As time goes on, the topcoat begins to dissolve. This chemical process progresses relentlessly and cannot be stopped. In the end, the complete dial is destroyed by it. This mixture of materials is no longer used today. With today's technology, it is possible for the dial manufactory to remove the existing top coat on the original dials and replace it with a color-fast, UV-resistant synthetic resin varnish. The actual dial retains the original color scheme. The original hour numerals, indexes, hands are then remounted. In a way, it is a preservation from an inexorable decay. It is important to note that this procedure is professionally carried out for all our watches in a specialized dial manufactory, which also produces dials for renowned Swiss watch manufacturers. This new color- and light-fast surface will save your watch from a rapidly progressing aging process. Your mechanical timepiece will remain a noble eye-catcher and a time-historical gem for many decades.

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