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Our passion

For many years we have been living our passion for high-quality clocks. From the passion for old spindle clocks to travel, carriage and table clocks, as well as French pendulums to our actual collecting area, the pocket watches, we have long succumbed to the fascination of mechanical wristwatches.

Our attention is focused on wristwatches of Swiss manufacture, which are characterized by the best preservation, rarity and complications such as chronographs, full calendar, alarm function, etc.

Each vintage watch tells a story, is associated with emotions and a very personal possession, always associated with passion and aesthetic sense.

Trusted Premium Seller

since 2009

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Many years of experience

Due to our many years of involvement and experience with mechanical watches, as well as numerous contacts with watch collectors, we are in the fortunate position to offer very rare, valuable and best preserved watches.

We are also happy to buy entire collections. We have always been accompanied by our competent master watchmaker, who specializes in the revision and repair of antique watches. Our watches are both functional works of art for the arm as well as beautiful collector's items and lasting investments.
With the acquisition of a vintage watch, one preserves tradition, underlines sustainability and is accompanied by an artistic timepiece into the future.

We are happy to try to fulfill wishes for a special watch model or a specific vintage.

Our service

For all watches purchased from us, we provide a six-month functional guarantee by our master watchmaker. All our presented watches are actually in our stock and immediately available!

For insurance reasons, the watches are usually kept at the bank. For viewing appointments, we therefore ask for notice by phone or e-mail.
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